30 Hours Funding - Childcare Choices

'Childcare Choices' is a new website for parents, produced by the
Government, which brings together all the government childcare offers and
helping parents find the right childcare support to suit them.

As part of the Childcare Choices, two new offers are being introduced in
2017 - Tax-Free Childcare, which will be introduced on 28 April and
gradually rolled out, and the 30 hours free childcare, available from
September 2017. From the end of April, parents will begin to apply for both
schemes at the same time through a new digital childcare service.

The new Childcare Choices website provides information on the new and
existing Government childcare offers; www.childcarechoices.gov.uk

Further information will soon be available on the city council website so
please keep checking; www.manchester.gov.uk/freechildcare

Documents with further information can be found below:

Here are some information posters: