Information for Parents about Apps and Games

Computer Games

We've found that some children play computer games that are inappropriate for their age. Parents have told us that they find it hard to know what is in the games that their children play and that they would like some support with this.

Consequently, we've linked to the Entertainment Software Rating Board here. The site provides recommendations for the age appropriateness of different software titles, together with a description of the type of content that children will come across in playing the game or using the software. The British Board of Film Classification, which provided the age classification for all of the movies we watch in the UK, provides a similar service for films on their website.

Net aware: Parents review kids’ social networks, apps & games

This is a good link to put on your school’s website or parents’ newsletter. Netware is a parents’ guide to the social networks children and young people use. Stay up to date and keep your child safe in today’s digital world.

Staying safe on Minecraft | ParentInfo

iPad apps used at Manley Park

At Manley Park we have a system in place where we assess iPad apps for their suitability for use within the school with the pupils. We have a risk assessment that is used for each app that a teacher wishes to use with the children. A copy of the approved apps' risk assessments can be found below.

For a copy of the approved iPad risk assessments