Attendance at Manley Park Primary School

Some days it can be difficult getting your child to school! But as adults we know that through-out our lives we have to do things that we don’t want to do. Every day, every lesson, every moment of your child‘seducation is important. We want your child to do well, be happy and feel part of our school community. To do this, your child has to try to be at school 100% of the time.  Poor attendance and taking holidays during the school term can have a lasting impact on your child’s progress, self-esteem and friendships. The law says that you must make sure that your child comes to school every day and on time unless they are very sick.  So if you are having problems; come and talk to us and let us help you do the very best for your child.


  • Every child is entitled to be at school everyday. Research shows that children who come to school everyday do better.
  • Good habits formed early in life last forever!
  • Try to make medical appointments out of school hours or during holidays or in the afternoon only.
  • You are not entitled to let your child take time off school for holidays, minor ailments, looking after younger children or sick pets, shopping, visiting, weddings, birthdays, late nights or oversleeping.

This is truancy and is against the law!