Manley Park were invited to take part in Bee in the city 2018 celebrations of Manchester. We have had two bees as part of the project, one for the junior school and one for the infants.

At the junior site a team of Manley Park  pupils helped to decorate the bee by painting a rainbow of flowers on the body of the Bee, inspired by the bee’s role as pollinator. They also incorporated the school values on the wings by handwriting the school's six values (respect, compassion, patience, positivity, responsibility and understanding) along the patterns of the wings. The group also drew a honeycomb of religious symbols on both of the eyes. Their ‘Queen Bee’ hovers over the city of Manchester. The Manley Park junior bee is known as 'Elizabee 2nd'

For more information on the junior site bee click here

At the infant site the pupils have represented the school values in their design. They have also added images of Manchester and have written about why the city is important to them, which is displayed on the base of the Bee. The Manley Park infant bee is knows as 'Diversabee'.

For more information of the infant site bee click here

Here are some photos of the work being put in to completing the bee:

Update November 2018:

After being displayed in Manchester Town Hall as part of the trail the bees have safely landed back at the school (Elizabee 2nd at the juniors, Diversabee at the infants). They will be placed in their display location in the near future once the site has been prepared for them. We will update when they go on display.