Governors are responsible for the running of the school.

Broadly, the governors agree:

1. They have responsibility for determining, monitoring and keeping under review the broad policies, plans and procedures within which the school operates.
2. They recognise that the head teacher is responsible for the implementation of policy and day-today management of the school and the implementation and operation of the curriculum.
3. They accept that all governors have equal status, and although appointed by different groups (i.e., parents, staff, local authority, diocese) their overriding concern will be the welfare of the school as a whole.
4. They have no legal authority to act individually, except when the Governing Body has given them delegated authority to do so.
5. They have a duty to act fairly and without prejudice, and in so far as they have responsibility for staff, they will fulfil all the legal expectations as, or on behalf of, the employer.
6. They will encourage open government and should be seen to be doing so.
7. They will consider carefully, how our decisions may affect other schools.