Providing a progressive curriculum that blends skills and knowledge:

Developing an interconnected skills set combined with knowledge essential for todays world

Covering the National Curriculum and complementing it with an EI curriculum:

Ensuring that we educate the whole child

Half termly whole school themes:  

Allowing for transferable skills development whilst creating children that see the world as a global community and understand how they can be positive global citizens



Develop a sense of awe at the variety of peoples and environments around the world

Values and Perceptions:

Question and challenge values and assumptions

Social Justice:

Appreciate the importance of informed choices and want to contribute to a more just world

Sustainable Development:

Recognise how to contribute to a better quality of life now and for future generations


Understand how people, places and environments are all interrelated


Have dreams and plans for the future




Can I recognise the beauty of different people and places?

Can I find out what draws groups of people to certain places?

Can I appreciate different perspectives on Global issues?

Values and Perceptions:

Can I understand that people have different values?

Can I understand how our values effect the way we live?

Can I understand the power of the media?

Social Justice:

Do I understand and value fairness?

Do I recognise that actions have intended and unintended consequences?

Am I motivated to assist equality?

Sustainable Development:

Do I understand the origins of what I have?

Do I appreciate the value that sustainable resource use has on us and future generations?

Can one person make a difference?


Who do I depend on and who depends on me?

Do I understand how action and choices made in the UK impact on the rest of the world?

Do I understand that the world is a global community and what it means to be a global citizen?


Who should we admire?

Who do I want to be and what do I want to achieve?

How do I become the person I want to be?



All about us (diversity)

Celebrations and Festivals (values and perceptions) 

Friendship and Fairness (social justice)

Caring for our environment  (sustainable development)

People who help us (interdependence)

Changes (aspirations)

The National Curriculum is central to the planning at Manley Park. We plan from the programs of study, including the Knowledge, Experience and Breadth of Study sections using a thematic approach designed to provide purposeful and meaningful learning opportunities. We encourage autonomy and innovation in our practitioners.

Each half-term the whole school explores a single theme and puts the child at the heart of the planning process. Children build up their knowledge and skills over the theme and have many opportunities to develop strong associative links within the curriculum. We believe that this approach reinforces a child’s understanding of the different subjects and provides them with lifelong learning skills.  Together we strive to encourage high personal standards and nurture children who can use and apply essential skills in everyday life both collaboratively and independently.