There is lots of information for parents, teachers, teenagers and children about how to keep your child safe online using the CEOP ThinkYouKnow Parent portal or at Parent Info.

Parent and Child Safer Internet Use Contract

To make sure your children are kept safe while using the internet at school, we make sure every child has discussed and signed the Teacher / Pupil Safer Internet Use Contract. We discuss this contract with your child's class and cover the important ideas about staying safe online.

We encourage parents to use a similar Parent and Child Safer Internet Use Contract at home.

Parents Guide to eSafety

Here are a couple of guides for parents and carers to help keep your children safe, online. These links can give you advice on what you might not know and can help your child stay safe online.

UK Safer Internet Centre - Advice Centre

Think U Know? website: the section for parents of primary aged children

'What's the Problem? - A guide for parents of young people who have got in trouble online'. 

Facebook Checklist - A guide about how to safely use Social Networking site Facebook.  

internetmatters.org website: information, advice and guidance about keeping your child safe online


Computer Games

We've found that some children play computer games that are inappropriate for their age. Parents have told us that they find it hard to know what is in the games that their children play and that they would like some support with this.

Consequently, we've linked to the Entertainment Software Rating Board here. The site provides recommendations for the age appropriateness of different software titles, together with a description of the type of content that children will come across in playing the game or using the software. The British Board of Film Classification, which provided the age classification for all of the movies we watch in the UK, provides a similar service for films on their website.

Crossing The Line

A practical PSHE toolkit for educators with films and lesson plans to explore online issues with pupils aged 11-14 years old.

Appropriate filtering

Guide for education settings and filtering providers about establishing ‘appropriate levels of filtering’.


Net aware: Parents review kids’ social networks, apps & games

This is a good link to put on your school’s website or parents’ newsletter. Netware is a parents’ guide to the social networks children and young people use. Stay up to date and keep your child safe in today’s digital world.


Staying safe on Minecraft | ParentInfo



E-Safety Teaching Resources

EYFS and Year 1

Lesson 1: Pupils learn how to be safe online

Cybersmart - Zippep's Astro Circus - Online game

Childnet - Smartie the Penguin e-book for EYFS

Childnet - Smartie the Penguin e-book for Year 1

Childnet  -  Digiduck e-book

Netsmartz - Router’s Birthday Surprise - Interactive resource

Netsmartz - Clicky’s Online Safety Rap - Video

Netsmartz - Way 2 Go - Video

Netsmartz - Delivery for Webster - e-book

Lesson 2 - Pupils learn how to search using the alphabet

SWGfL - Swiggle - Education search engine and resource site for children

GoogleSafesearchkids - Search engine for children

 Childnet - What is Reliable? - The Adventures of Kara, Winston and the SMART Crew

 AVG Magda and Mo -  E-book

Lesson 3 - Pupils learn what is ok to share online

CEOP - Hector’s World - Cartoons and teacher resources

Childnet - The SMART crew - Cartoons and resources on the SMART rules

Childnet - Smartie the Penguin e-book for EYFS

Childnet - Smartie the Penguin e-book for Year 1

BBC - Guy Fawkes shares personal information over the internet and gets into trouble - Horrible Histories resource on internet privacy

Lesson 4 - Pupils learn how to show ownership of online creations

Budd:eBudd:e – stay smart online

Online learning activities, rewards and interactive tool.

Lesson 5 - Pupils learn how to use and communicate via e-mail

Childnet – What should you accept?  - The Smart Crew

CEOP - Lee and Kim - Children learn that avatars are controlled by real people. Activities, videos, lessons plans, puppet masks.

Insafe - Play & Learn – Being Online

Activity book