Eco Peer Educators Question

Our Eco Peer Educators were asked the following question:

What is your opinion on being an Eco Peer Educator?

There answers are seen below:

Ehtisham – It’s really fun. I love being an Eco Peer Educator because we have lots of adventures and learn lots. Also we get to know each other more.

Umar – I like it when we go bird watching. There’s no one shouting! It’s just a peaceful environment

Haris – I’ve learnt a lot about nature and I like helping the little children learn.

Sienna – It’s fun and I like looking after the environment

Baana – It’s a pleasure to be an Eco Peer Educator because we get to express all our knowledge to the younger children.

Adam – Its nice to learn new things and we get to teach. It’s also good work experience for teaching!

Suhaib – We get to learn new things about the environment every week. We are starting to understand how it works.

Rameen – Its fun because when we do bird watching everyone has to be silent and still and we get to use the binoculars. I love the silence!

Isma – its lovely drawing birds in our little bird books. We can identify birds now - when we are in the park we can recognise them!

Eco Peer Educators Wednesday 9th November

Today we have been preparing the raised beds so that more vegetables can be planted in Spring.
We got new, rich soil from the Leaf Composter. We pulled and dug out out weeds - some of them had really long roots. The old soil is like clay but the new soil is bright is alive. It is full of nutrients.

Here are some quotes from the pupils taking part:
"I love doing this because it's helping nature. We did a good job today." Azaan 6RJ

"It helps the plants and makes our school look better." Harris 6RJ

"I enjoyed today because we are helping. I feel happy because I like being outside even though it's cold. We haven't felt cold because we have been working hard." Isma 6RJ

The image below will show what the raised bed looked like before:



Now the next image shows how the raised bed looked after all of the hard work that was done by the Eco Peer Educators