Eco Peer Educators Question

Our Eco Peer Educators were asked the following question:

What is your opinion on being an Eco Peer Educator?

There answers are seen below:

Ehtisham – It’s really fun. I love being an Eco Peer Educator because we have lots of adventures and learn lots. Also we get to know each other more.

Umar – I like it when we go bird watching. There’s no one shouting! It’s just a peaceful environment

Haris – I’ve learnt a lot about nature and I like helping the little children learn.

Sienna – It’s fun and I like looking after the environment

Baana – It’s a pleasure to be an Eco Peer Educator because we get to express all our knowledge to the younger children.

Adam – Its nice to learn new things and we get to teach. It’s also good work experience for teaching!

Suhaib – We get to learn new things about the environment every week. We are starting to understand how it works.

Rameen – Its fun because when we do bird watching everyone has to be silent and still and we get to use the binoculars. I love the silence!

Isma – its lovely drawing birds in our little bird books. We can identify birds now - when we are in the park we can recognise them!