School Mission

Welcome to the Manley Park Primary School website.

I hope that throughout these pages you will experience the true nature of our whole school vision of ‘Sharing a Love of Learning’. Our school is committed to ensuring that every child reaches their full potential through an exciting and innovative curriculum and high quality learning. We aim to provide the perfect conditions for learning as we believe that how children learn is as important as what they learn. We use highly developed assessment procedures which takes into account every individual child along with an enriched curriculum which includes outdoor learning experiences and the development of emotional competencies.

Our specialised curriculum develops a child’s curiosity and knowledge of the local community, the world and the natural environment through the National Curriculum. We aim to foster this curiosity through our vision of being a school community where enquiry skills are well developed. We believe in forging strong partnerships between school and parents and hope that this website  will help you to engage with the school and your child through the fantastic journey through their Primary School years.

The Aims for our Ethos

1)    To ensure all children strive to reach above and beyond their full potential through the skilled learning opportunities provided by highest quality teaching
2)    To personalise learning for all individuals; where pupil voice, challenge, risk taking, collaboration, equality and skills are developed, taking into account individual needs and talents
3)    To provide a place where children feel valued, safe and supported through their development of health, safety, physical, social, spiritual, moral and cultural understanding.
4)    To provide an enlivening, enriched, memorable outstanding skills based curriculum that develops children to question and drive their own learning through highly developed Assessment for Learning
5)    To provide extensive use of the local and outdoor learning environments as stimulus for experiential learning opportunities
6)    To develop children who are responsible citizens and who positively contribute to their own community.
7)    To create an ethos where behaviour is excellent and where all learners enjoy growing up and feel fulfilled
8)    To develop a place where children feel self pride and every success is celebrated