Fortnite Letter 2

We are concerned by the number and the frequency of negative incidents which are stemming from children playing Fortnight. We are writing this letter to remind you of the type of negative experience that your child will very likely be exposed to if you choose to let them play this game.

What is Fortnight?

Fortnight is an action game in which players build forts, gather resources, craft weapons, and battle hordes of monsters and other players in frenetic combat.


Fortnight is rated for 13-year olds. This means the game is considered to be suitable for children that are 13-years old and older.

Offensive language / mature content / exposure to the public

The game’s online chat feature - especially in Battle Royale mode - frequently exposes young players to offensive language and mature content from strangers. (Though this can be limited if the option to restrict play to ‘friends’ is enforced.) There is live, unmoderated chat possible between users in the console and PC versions of Fortnight. Both voice chat and on-screen text chat are options.

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Easter club 2019

Due to the success of our Easter & Summer Clubs in 2018 we are pleased to announce Manley Park will be running the provision again this year. The Easter Holiday Club will run from Monday 8th April to Friday 12th April with Mr. Smith, Miss Camp & Miss Hammond. Summer Holiday Club will run from Monday 22nd July to Friday 2nd August with Mr. Smith, Miss Camp and additional staff to be confirmed. (The clubs will run from 9am-4pm each day but there is also an option for extended provision on request).

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Junior Red Nose Day 2019

We are very excited to announce that the School Councils on both sites will be organising this year's Red Nose Day event to raise money for Comic Relief. They will be developing their awareness of our theme of Social Justice by raising money to support others who are less fortunate than themselves. Comic Relief have been raising money through comedy since 1985. Since starting Red Nose Day and Sport Relief, they have raised millions of pounds to tackle poverty and social injustice in the UK and across the world.

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Parent P4C Workshop

Year 5 have explored the story of ‘Alien Nation’, written by the Proud Trust, which is aimed at educating primary children on the topic of gender fluidity. As this story has been used successfully within year 5 for two consecutive years, class 4LD will now be looking at this story.

Mr Charnock and Miss Dziamarski would like to invite you, the parents of Year 4 and 5 children, to a parent workshop on Tuesday 12th February at 9:10 – 10:30am to explore the story Alien Nation and participate in a P4C enquiry, similar to one that your children will experience.

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4LD Additional Library Visit Letter

4LD will be the lucky class to take an additional visit to Chorlton library this half term! On Thursday 14th February, they will be walking to Chorlton library, as normal, but this time, they will have the opportunity to listen to a story session by one of the Authors of ‘Alien Nation’ as part of the Manchester Libraries LGBT + celebration month offer.

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Manley Park Communication Group Introduction

We are writing to introduce Manley Park’s Communications Group. We are a diverse group of staff, governors and parents who formed in early 2018 with the aim of improving communications between our school and our parents.

Since then we have been busy considering all the ways in which we communicate with each other. We have been examining the technology we use and the personal interactions we have with each other throughout the school day to see what we could be doing better.

We’re contacting you today because we like to hear your thoughts about how the School communicates and interacts with you; your feedback, observations and suggestions play a major role in helping us to celebrate and do more of what works well, as well as shining a light on where things can be improved.

Communication Group Letter

Parent Feedback Questionnaire

Manley Park PTA Winter Wonderland 2018

Manley Park Primary School PTA is delighted to announce that this year’s Winter Wonderland will be taking place on Saturday 1st December from 2-5pm on the Junior Site.

This annual event has become an exciting social fixture in the Manley Park calendar and we’re hoping this will be the best one yet!

Come and join us for loads of fun and activities!

Event flyer

Information flyer