Weekly Activities in the Enchanted Woodland by Manchester Forest School

Weekly Activities in The Enchanted Woodland run by Manchester Forest School  

Every Week there will be Forest Club after school on Mondays until 5pm, run throughout the year available for children in years 1- 6, the cost is £5 per session and sign up is per half term. 

Come and spend time in the woods, exploring the seasons and the secrets of the wood. 

This is an outdoor adventure club where we make friends and build a sense of community through activities such as den building, using tools, making things from natural resources, learning about fire and cooking and looking after the wood. 

Last year we communicated by morse code in the dark, built zip lines, swings, rope ladders and hammocks and shared our knowledge and experiences of being outside. 

Here are some photos from these sessions that took place last year

For more information or to book on Forest Club please email manchesterforestschool@gmail.com or phone Ali 07791961424