Challenge Partners Review

In January 2017 Manley Park had a review done by Challenge Partners. 

For a copy of the report click here

Department for Education Dashboard

We work closely with the Department for Education to ensure that all children at our school achieve and attain. If you' like to see how our school compares to other schools across Manchester and across the country, you can follow the link below to the Department for Education Dashboard, where they provide you with an analysis of our schools performance.

Department for Education Dashboard

School Performance Data

The department for education monitors schools to ensure that they are performing as they should be. Please find below the link to our schools's performance table. 

Here is a link to our School Performance Data

School Performance Data Report 2016

Children in Year 6 took part in the new testing and assessment arrangements. Pupils' knowledge and understanding of the new curriculum was assessed. This curriculum provides greater challenges with higher expectations set for the end of KS2.

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School Data

Please see below for some important information about the data from the SAT's tests your children in Year 2 and 6 completed this year.

Info for parents - assessment results at end of KS1

Info for parents - assessment results at end of KS2


Public Sector Equality Duty

Here at Manley Park we work towards meeting the public sector equality duty by creating a strong and happy environment for our pupils through positively promoting equality for all our pupils, promoting equality and diversity towards everyone, tacking barriers which could lead to unequal outcomes for identified groups of pupils, educating pupils about equality and why it is important and also by teaching our pupils to respect the equal rights of our staff and other members of the school community

Pupil Premium 2017-18

At Manley Park we receive Pupil Premium Grants to help support our children.

For a copy of our Pupil premium Policy click here

For a copy of the Pupil Premium Funding Allocation 2017-18 click here

For a copy of the Pupil Premium 2016/17 Report click here

For  a copy of the Pupil Premium Report for 2015/16 click here

For a copy of the Pupil Premium Impact Statement 2015/16 click here