Roles and Responsibilities

Leadership team

Miss Avari - Acting Headteacher/Community and Attendance/Assessment/EMA (English as an additional language Support)/Trainee Student Development/Safeguarding

Miss Henderson - Acting Headteacher/Curriculum Lead/Child in Local Authority Care/MTSA(Manchester Teaching Schools Alliance)/Lead Research and Development/Safeguarding

Mrs Barker - Assistant Headteacher for Birth to Five/Science

Mr Tudor - Acting Deputy Headteacher/Research and Development/class teacher/Upper KS2 Standards Leader/Maths

Mr Jones - Acting Deputy Headteacher/Year 6 teacher/Curriculum leader

Mrs Stout - KS1 Standards Leader/Science/Reception Class teacher/EYFS Lead (temp)

Miss Murrell - EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) Standards Leader/Communication/Nursery Class teacher

Miss Frankland-Slater - EHWB/Reception teacher/EYFS Lead (temp)

Mr Kenny - SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator)/PPG Lead/DT

Mr Charnock - Year 5 teacher/Lower KS2 Leader/Reading

Mr Lehmann - ICT Lead/E-Safety

Ms Sobolewski - Safeguarding Lead


Miss Watts - Reception teacher/Outdoor Learning/OOSH (Out of school hours) support/ Forest School leader

Mrs Lye - Nursery teacher

Miss Bhayani  - Reception teacher

Mrs West- Year 1 teacher/ History

Miss Brownsell - Year 1 teacher/ Maths/Sports Development (temp)

Miss Cotterell - Year 1 (Maternity Cover) Teacher

Miss Furey - Year 2 teacher/Maths

Mr Way - Year 2 teacher

Miss Shercliff - Year 3 teacher

Mr Darnborough - Year 3 (Maternity Cover) Teacher         

Mrs Klein - Year 3 teacher/Writing

Miss Maddern - Year 4 teacher/ History

Miss Dziamarski - Year 4 teacher/P4C

Ms Kay - Year 5 Teacher

Mr Evans - Year 6 teacher/Music

Mrs Sarwar -Reading Recovery Teacher/ECAR across school/Religious Education/Reception Teacher

Mrs Singh - PPA/PPG

Mrs Ponsonby - Year 5 teacher/Science

Learning Support Assistants

Miss Camp - Nursery teaching assistant/Apprentice Mentor/Early Intervention

Mrs Allen-Brooks - Nursery teaching assistant/DT

Mrs Ilyas - Reception teaching assistant/Religious education

Mrs Chowdhury - Junior teaching assistant/Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs Soni - Year 2 teaching assistant/Art

Mrs S Sherry - Year 1 teaching assistant

Miss Skelton - Reception Teaching Assistant/Outdoor learning

Miss Rennie - Junior teaching assistant, ICT and reading

Mrs Lines - Interventions/Display

Mr Smith - PE/Junior teaching assistant

SEND - Learning Support Assistants

Ms Murphy - Year 5 Teaching Assistant/Maths

Ms Hammond - Year 2 teaching assistant/History

Ms Rose - Year 4 and 6 Teaching assistant

Miss Davies - Year 3 and 5 Teaching assistant

Miss Jojo - Year 4 teaching assistant

Miss Kellett - Year 4 Teaching assistant/Interventions

Support Staff

Mrs Akram - English/OOSH (Out of school Hours) support/SEN support

Mr Taylor - IT support technician

Ms J Blezard - Dramatherapist


Mrs Maguire - Finance officer

Mrs Kellett - PA/Pastoral

Miss Farren - Admin assistant

Ms Chadwick - Admin assistant


Mrs Bradley - Site manager

Ms Ashton - Cleaner

Lunchtime Organisers Infant Department

Ms Ali - Senior Lunchtime Organiser

Ms Arfeen

Ms Kaur

Mrs Kour

Miss Rana

Ms John - OOSH (Out Of School Hours) Support

Ms Mahmood

Ms Raffique

Ms I John

Ms S E John

Ms Mughal

Ms Bhatti

Ms J Vickers-Sanford

Lunchtime organisers Junior Department

Ms Hart

Ms Kaur - Senior Lunchtime Organiser/OOSH (Out Of School Hours) Support

Ms Bharucha

Ms Hussain

Ms Merdono

Miss B Facey

Miss D Afsoosi

Kitchen Staff

Mrs Findley - Infant School Cook

Mrs West - Junior School Cook