Meeting the Author of Malamander - Thomas Taylor

On Monday 24th June, 4NM we lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit Central Library in Manchester for a presentation from author and illustrator Thomas Taylor. The children really enjoyed finding out where Thomas gets his inspiration from and even got to pass around some dinosaur poo that he had found on the beach! Thomas showed the children that you can create amazing pictures from a simple scribble and they had a go at trying out some of their own! We are now reading Malamander (Thomas' new book) and really enjoying it!

Some photos are attached

4NM Camerata in the Community

4NM were extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work with musicians from the Manchester Camerata to help add musical accompaniment to the lyrics we created for the Camerata in the Community Project

This project was based around the book The Lorax by Dr Seuss and details the dangers of destroying nature for human gain. The children wrote their song Thing to Treasure focusing on the beauty of the natural world around us. We explored different techniques, including personification, rhyme and included nonsense words just like Dr Seuss did.

Once we had our song finished and has created the melody with members of the orchestra, it was rehearsal time! We practised our song and the two songs we would be singing together with other schools across Manchester who were also involved.

The final performance was spectacular and the children sang beautifully. They also looked eye-catching in their outfits, which they designed themselves to reflect nature.

The day was amazing and the children showed great positivity and enthusiasm throughout.

Click Here for the lyrics of our song

Here are some photographs from the amazing event

Trip to the Science and Industry Museum

Yesterday Year 4 went on a trip to the Science and Industry Museum. Whilst there they learned about the environment and what needs to be done to help preserve it. They learned about what it used to be like working in the cotton mills for children. They learned about electricity and how it can be used to power items. They also learned about the Rocket steam locomotive as well. They all had a fantastic time learning lots of interesting facts. Pictures are below:

Summer 1 Newsletter

We will be exploring this question by thinking about what we receive from the rest of the world. We will read the story ‘The World Came to My Place Today’, this story is from The Eden Project and focuses around where our food comes from. The children will begin to explore the concept of Interdependence and we will think about the impact the UK has on the rest of the world through exploring how British ‘inventors’ have shaped the world. We will further develop the idea of Interdependence and ask the questions; what is interdependence? How are we interdependent on others and what for? How has Britain supported and enhanced the lives of people in other parts of the world? Through our patience theme, we will be exploring whether we allow ourselves and others time to think and to ourselves, how well we plan our time and how we dedicate time to our learning.

Year 4 Newsletter

Manchester School Swimathon 2019

On Friday 29th March 2019 Manley Park’s Year 4 pupils took part in the Manchester Schools Swimathon. This involved swimming lengths non stop for the duration of the time they were at the pool. The Year 4 children all did an amazing job swimming an incredible 1165 lengths. The number of lengths swum by the children was the equivalent of swimming just under 30000m (30 Kilometres or 18 miles!)

Well done Year 4

Spring 2 Newsletter

This half term, we will be developing our understanding of responsibility, how to be responsible and how we can be responsible in many different ways. Our focus question is:

Do I appreciate the value that sustainable resource use has on us and future generations?

We will be exploring this question by thinking about the following:

  • What are sustainable resources?

  • How we can ensure we look after resources for future generations?

  • How we can appreciate the value that resources provide and

  • What will happen if we don’t take any responsibility?

We will be exploring the theme of sustainability further through our exploration of the text: Where the Forest Meets the Sea.

Year 4 Newsletter

Parent P4C Workshop

Year 5 have explored the story of ‘Alien Nation’, written by the Proud Trust, which is aimed at educating primary children on the topic of gender fluidity. As this story has been used successfully within year 5 for two consecutive years, class 4LD will now be looking at this story.

Mr Charnock and Miss Dziamarski would like to invite you, the parents of Year 4 and 5 children, to a parent workshop on Tuesday 12th February at 9:10 – 10:30am to explore the story Alien Nation and participate in a P4C enquiry, similar to one that your children will experience.

Click here for more information

4LD Additional Library Visit 14-2-19

4LD will be the lucky class to take an additional visit to Chorlton library this half term! On Thursday 14th February, they will be walking to Chorlton library, as normal, but this time, they will have the opportunity to listen to a story session by one of the Authors of ‘Alien Nation’ as part of the Manchester Libraries LGBT + celebration month offer.

For a copy of the letter click here

Spring 1 Newsletter

Happy New Year to you all! We hope you have had a restful and enjoyable holiday with your children. We are excited to start our new topic this half term:

Social Justice.

Our focus question will be:

Do I recognise that actions have intended and unintended consequences?

We will explore this question in many ways, including exploring our actions and the consequences they can have on us and others.

Year 4 Newsletter

Trip to Manchester Ice Village 2018

Year 4 had a fantastic time visiting the Ice Village in Manchester City Centre last Thursday. We were extremely impressed by the realistic sculptures which had been created out of ice. There were even several squirrels! 
Some of us had a turn sitting on the ice throne in the palace too!  We were all glad we wrapped up warm as the temperature was -10 degrees Celsius inside! 
Luckily, there was a delicious hot chocolate waiting for us outside to warm us up before our tram ride back to school. Here are some of the photographs of the fantastic time that we all had.


We found out that the Romans built their own aqueducts when they lived in Britain. They used them to transport water from different places. After looking at a few of their designs, we created our own aqueducts using cardboard, plastic bottles and other containers. We had to consider how the water would travel along them as well as ensuring they were waterproof! Here are our finished products.