Spring 1 Newsletter

Happy New Year to you all! We hope you have had a restful and enjoyable holiday with your children. We are excited to start our new topic this half term:

Social Justice.

Our focus question will be:

Do I recognise that actions have intended and unintended consequences?

We will explore this question in many ways, including exploring our actions and the consequences they can have on us and others.

Year 4 Newsletter

Trip to Manchester Ice Village 2018

Year 4 had a fantastic time visiting the Ice Village in Manchester City Centre last Thursday. We were extremely impressed by the realistic sculptures which had been created out of ice. There were even several squirrels! 
Some of us had a turn sitting on the ice throne in the palace too!  We were all glad we wrapped up warm as the temperature was -10 degrees Celsius inside! 
Luckily, there was a delicious hot chocolate waiting for us outside to warm us up before our tram ride back to school. Here are some of the photographs of the fantastic time that we all had.


We found out that the Romans built their own aqueducts when they lived in Britain. They used them to transport water from different places. After looking at a few of their designs, we created our own aqueducts using cardboard, plastic bottles and other containers. We had to consider how the water would travel along them as well as ensuring they were waterproof! Here are our finished products.