4NM Camerata in the Community

4NM were extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work with musicians from the Manchester Camerata to help add musical accompaniment to the lyrics we created for the Camerata in the Community Project

This project was based around the book The Lorax by Dr Seuss and details the dangers of destroying nature for human gain. The children wrote their song Thing to Treasure focusing on the beauty of the natural world around us. We explored different techniques, including personification, rhyme and included nonsense words just like Dr Seuss did.

Once we had our song finished and has created the melody with members of the orchestra, it was rehearsal time! We practised our song and the two songs we would be singing together with other schools across Manchester who were also involved.

The final performance was spectacular and the children sang beautifully. They also looked eye-catching in their outfits, which they designed themselves to reflect nature.

The day was amazing and the children showed great positivity and enthusiasm throughout.

Click Here for the lyrics of our song

Here are some photographs from the amazing event