Year 5 Autumn 2 Newsletter

Welcome back to another exciting half term at Manley Park! We hope that you have had a good break and are as excited to be back as we are. Out theme for this half term is: Values and Perceptions. Our leading question is: Can I understand the power of the media? With the supporting question: How does our perception of something impact the value we give it?

Year 5 Autumn 2 Newsletter

Learning this half term

'This half term, as you know, we have explored labels that are used incorrectly within society. One of the labels that we have focused on is 'gay' and the meaning of this. To support us with this, we used the following video 'In a Heartbeat' as a stimulus within P4C to explore our understanding of what it meant to be gay and to look at our preconceptions and misconceptions around this concept. 

The children were extremely mature, responsible and positive within the session and produced the following questions to explore (the one in bold was chosen and used for a full enquiry): 

- Is it ever OK to ignore your heart's desire?

- Why do some people not accept the gay community?

- Do you need to be accepted by others to be happy?

- Do you need to be accepted by others if you are gay?

- Should you listen to your heart or keep your feelings concealed?

Is it OK to be gay?

- Should you ever conceal your inner self and feelings to be accepted?

The session was one of enquiry, debate, compassion and understanding and it showed how deep and critical the children's thought processes are.'

Learning about Values and Perceptions

Throughout the second half of the Autumn term, Year 5 have explored the whole-school theme of 'Values & Perceptions' with a focus on the question: 'How does our perception of people affect the value we give them?'. Year 5 have had a focus on labels within society (e.g. geek, nerd, dork, wimp, cool, snitch, weird, gay, talented) and explored the meanings behind these labels. We have learned about the ways in which people are treated according to their 'labels' and as a result of this, created inspirational artwork that celebrates individuality and acceptance of self and others and we have included these below.

This artwork will be transformed into posters to be displayed around the school to spread the message of acceptance. There will also be a Year 5 production written by the children in March which is based all around this term's learning. 

Please enjoy the artwork and we look forward to seeing you at our show!

The Year 5 team.'

P4C Session

This week, Year 5 focused on the labels that have been used within society and the ways in which they may be categorised. Some of the labels included: 'geek', 'dork', 'nerd', 'cool', snitch', 'gay' and many others. We explored our preconceptions of these labels and then the real meanings of these.

The children wrote a range of high quality questions in response to the stimulus. These were:

1. 'Is it ever okay to categorise others?'

2. 'Who decides what 'cool' is?'

3. If somebody calls you a positive label but means it negatively, should it still bother you?'

4. Should we label people by their personality?'

5. If you change your appearance, would that change who you are?'

The question in bold italics was the one that was chosen by the children to base our enquiry on. 

Please feel free to discuss these questions at home with your children. 

Some pictures from the session can be seen below

The Year 5 team

Comedy of Errors Performance Chorlton High School

Year 5 have been working effortlessly with staff from Chorlton High School between December and March to create a theatrical performance of Shakespeare's 'The Comedy of Errors'. On Tuesday 28th March, the children performed the production to rapturous applause from a sell-out audience at the Blue Box Theatre.

It was a long day (from 8:30am to 9:30pm) but the children's energy levels remained high all day and night and once again, teachers and parents were beaming with pride. 

Well done Year 5!' The Play organiser and Director Mel Jordan has sent a thank you message: 

Below are some pictures of the children after the hard work put in to the show

Hiroshima Survivor Talk Project G

Manley Park Primary is one of 6 schools that are linked with Project G which is a project in which Mayors are working for peace with the aim of the UK being nuclear-free by 2020. 

As part of the project, on Friday 31st March, 20 of our Year 5 children were extremely fortunate to meet 2 of the survivors from the Hiroshima attack of 1945. The children travelled to Manchester Town Hall to meet the survivors and the Deputy Lord Mayor of Manchester.

Throughout the day, the survivors told their stories of the day of the attack and how life was after the attack. There was then a session in which the children were able to ask their own questions to the survivors. The children asked excellent questions (which was commented on by the Deputy Lord Mayor) and although dark at times due to the content, the day was another amazing opportunity that our children were afforded due to one of our many partnerships.

It was a complete privilege and honour for us to meet the survivors and a day that we are sure the children will remember for a lifetime.'