Learning this half term

'This half term, as you know, we have explored labels that are used incorrectly within society. One of the labels that we have focused on is 'gay' and the meaning of this. To support us with this, we used the following video 'In a Heartbeat' as a stimulus within P4C to explore our understanding of what it meant to be gay and to look at our preconceptions and misconceptions around this concept. 

The children were extremely mature, responsible and positive within the session and produced the following questions to explore (the one in bold was chosen and used for a full enquiry): 

- Is it ever OK to ignore your heart's desire?

- Why do some people not accept the gay community?

- Do you need to be accepted by others to be happy?

- Do you need to be accepted by others if you are gay?

- Should you listen to your heart or keep your feelings concealed?

Is it OK to be gay?

- Should you ever conceal your inner self and feelings to be accepted?

The session was one of enquiry, debate, compassion and understanding and it showed how deep and critical the children's thought processes are.'