P4C Session

This week, Year 5 focused on the labels that have been used within society and the ways in which they may be categorised. Some of the labels included: 'geek', 'dork', 'nerd', 'cool', snitch', 'gay' and many others. We explored our preconceptions of these labels and then the real meanings of these.

The children wrote a range of high quality questions in response to the stimulus. These were:

1. 'Is it ever okay to categorise others?'

2. 'Who decides what 'cool' is?'

3. If somebody calls you a positive label but means it negatively, should it still bother you?'

4. Should we label people by their personality?'

5. If you change your appearance, would that change who you are?'

The question in bold italics was the one that was chosen by the children to base our enquiry on. 

Please feel free to discuss these questions at home with your children. 

Some pictures from the session can be seen below

The Year 5 team