Year 6 Autumn 2 Newsletter

The first half term seems to have flown by and year 6 pupils have applied themselves excellently throughout. This half term we are looking at the power of the media. Our first piece of reading and writing is looking at balanced arguments on screen time, after which we will be looking at newspaper reports to do with false advertising.

Theme: Values and Perceptions (Can I understand the power of the media?)

EI Value: Understanding (Do I recognise the way I and others are feeling?)

Year 6 Autumn 2 Newsletter

Year 6 SATS

We want this to feel a positive experience for your child. When discussing this in class, we are referring to the week as their opportunity to show off all that they have learned within these subjects. Our curriculum in year 6 has been following the whole school themes and has included a broad range of subjects. However, with the dates (14/5/18-17/5/18) getting ever closer, we feel it is only fair to begin to equip your children with they test skills they will require to feel
confident throughout this week.

Click here for the Year 6 SATs Letter

Robinwood Residential 2017

As part of their training to get ready for their roles here at Manley Park, the Prefects and Playleaders were taken to Robinwood for a weekend residential to complete team-building activities. Photos from this weekend can be seen below. Everybody had a great time and came together to work as a team in their respective groups, supporting each other when somebody struggled with an activity.

Athletics at Longford Park

Year 6 had a terrific time at Trafford Athletics Club in Longford Park on Wednesday. We thought you would like to see the pictures of our success.