Learning with the best teachers in Manchester; learning that prepares your child for a life in the real world.


Individual Approach

Every individual is unique. We're convinced that to really educate a child, you have to see who they are. We want our children to know themselves and to explore the world from the starting point of their own passion. That is why we centre our teaching and learning in the children's own experience, questions and purpose.

Creative Approaches

Real World Learning

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

The world is a complex place. We aim to show our children how their learning and their ambitions can lead them into the world ready to make a positive contribution. We show them how to build with their passion and determination a better future for themselves and for each other.

Our Ethos

Rigour and Depth

We want the learning for our students to go deep and to develop real skills. We believe that this is key to their achieving their ambitions, to building a future that they choose for themselves and is the essential launch pad for living.

Our Curriculum