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Attendance is Everyone’s Business 

Manley Park Primary School believe that regular school attendance is the key to enabling children to maximise the educational opportunities available to them and become emotionally resilient, confident and competent adults who can realise their full potential and make a positive contribution to their community.

The gate opens: 

8:30am- Junior site 

8:45am- Infant site 


8:45am- Junior site

9am- Infant site 

We start our learning straight away- so do not miss out.


Attendance Matters

We work very closely with the local authority in order to improve our attendance.  Unauthorised absence will lead to statutory action being taken.  Working together to make changes always has a positive impact.

Below you will see our suggestions, which could have some overall impact:

  • Please ensure your child arrives on time ready for their learning

  • Please ensure your child gets a good night’s sleep and has breakfast each morning

  • Please ensure that non-urgent appointments (eg. routine dental/ medical) are made out of school times where possible. If this is unavoidable- please provide copies of appointment letters/ cards. Children must return straight back to school after their appointment

  • We request that family holidays are booked during the days that school is closed. Please note that these will not be unauthorised and Penalty notices and fines will be issued where appropriate. 

We understand that children do fall ill and pick up bugs. It is therefore important to contact school via telephone on 0161 881 3808 (Juniors) or 0161 881 4338 (Infants) and leave a message on the attendance line if your child is going to be absent.