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Meet the Team

Meet Your Senior Leadership Team

Sarah-Jane Henderson


Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

I was born in Scotland, then grew up in Gibraltar and Germany before coming to Manchester to attend University. As an NQT, I told the Headtecher I would only be staying at MPPS for 1 year. 21 years later...

I love our school because the sense of team work is so strong. Our pupils and their families, our staff and governors all work in collaboration to keep striving to be the best we can be. Challenge and support go hand in hand here, which means I learn something new every single day.

Interesting fact: I have ridden horses since I was tiny and I teach people to ride in my 'spare' time.

Rushna Avari

Senior Deputy Headteacher

Attendance, Operational Lead, Future teachers, DSL

I was born and brought up in Manchester. Miss Henderson and I started Manley Park Primary together in 1998 as newly qualified teachers.I love working with all the families and children in all year groups. I have taught so many older siblings too.

I love our school because the community is at the heart of everything we do and believe in. Our shared values gives us a strong identity.

Interesting fact: I love to do amateur dramatics when I can and I am learning to play the piano.

Robert Jones

Deputy Headteacher

Curriculum, Behaviour and Attitudes

I was born and brought up in Manchester.

I love our school due to its strong focus on understanding individuals, and collectively helping them to grow both academically and personally.

Interesting fact: I have met Elton John, Freddie Mercury, George Michael and Superman.

Ben Tudor

Deputy Headteacher

Pedagogy, Mastery, Assessment, Continuous Professional Development, DSL

I was born and grew up in Nuneaton. When I was 18 I moved to Leicester to study at university, staying there for my first teaching position. I moved to Manchester and began working at Manley Park in 2011.

I love our school because of our thoughtful, hard working children and our talented, committed staff who work tirelessly to provide excellent experiences for our pupils.

An interesting fact: I am a huge football fan, in particular I support Coventry City Football Club. I’m pretty sure that I am the only person at Manley Park that does!

Sue Lamb

School Business Manager

I was born and grew up in Winsford, Cheshire and still live there now

I love our school because I am part of a fantastic work family who make a difference, and that every day is a new adventure!

An interesting fact: small phobia of trees.

Safeguarding and SEND

Nichola Sobolewski, DSL

I grew up in South Yorkshire

I love our school because it is more than a place of work, it is an extension of my family. I love being able to support our children and families in the hope of making positive differences in their lives. MPPS staff work together as a team and each person is respected as an individual.

An interesting fact: is that I used to work in Ibiza.

Tom Kenny, SENDCO

I was born and grew up in Chorlton

I love our school because children are able to challenge one another so respectfully and articulately.

An interesting fact: I once met the rock star Prince in a toilet in Japan and told him to 'keep it funky forever'.

Year 6 Teachers

Jonathan Evans

Class Teacher, Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader, Maths Lead

I grew up mostly in the beautiful surroundings of North Wales and in the bustling city of London.

I love our school because children's outcomes lie at the very centre of all the many innovative and creative things we do, day in day out.

Interesting fact: when I was a year six child at Rhosddu School in Wrexham, I sang a solo for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip.

Claire Shercliff

Class Teacher, Geography Lead

I was born and brought up in Cambridge. I moved up north to complete my degree in Music and Italian at The University of Manchester and have been here ever since.

I love our school because of the children and the adults that work here. Learning is based around mutual respect and growth: challenge and development are part of everybody's mind-set, making progress inevitable. Academic success is celebrated alongside personal growth, creating a tolerant and supportive community, with moral responsibility at its core.

Interesting fact: My love of the outdoors stretches beyond the woodland at the Junior Site. I have climbed 60 of the Scottish munros - only 222 to go!

Rebeka Kay

Class Teacher

Year 5 Teachers

Antonia Armstrong

Class Teacher

Born and raised in Mighty Matlock, Derbyshire

I love our school because the children are free to be individual and unique. Differences are celebrated in an inclusive environment.

I love adventures! One of my favourite memories is climbing Mount Fuji - I reached the top just in time for sunrise.

Laura Dziamarski

Class Teacher, P4C (Philosophy for Children) Lead

I was born and grew up in a small village near Cheltenham.

I love our school because the children are empowered to share and challenge their thinking.

Interesting Fact: One of my favourite hobbies is scuba diving.



Jennifer Johnston

Class Teacher
I was born and grew up in Ayrshire, on the west coast of Scotland. I went to University in the picturesque city of Stirling before venturing to the Southern Hemisphere where I spent a year living in New Zealand and two years in Australia.

I love our school because there is such a safe and happy environment. Children and adults are continuously working together to create a positive, respectful atmosphere which is at the heart of the school. Everyone takes responsibility for their own choices which in turn drives motivation, resilience, compassion and a celebration of learning.

Interesting facts: I once spent 3 months living in a car whilst travelling in the Australian outback where I saw crocodiles, snakes and very large spiders! I am a strong believer that we never stop learning and I try to learn at least one new thing every day. 

Year 4 Teachers

Coralie James

Class Teacher

I grew up in Montpellier, a city in the south of France. I moved to the UK in 2020 and lived in York before moving to Manchester in 2022.

I love our school because of the respectful and positive atmosphere that allows everyone to achieve their full potential.

Interesting fact: I love hiking and going on treks: I once spent 5 full days walking in the wilderness without seeing a car nor a road.

Kate Brown

Class Teacher

I was born in Chester and spent my early years in Merseyside before moving to Manchester.

I love our school because of the overwhelming positivity and investment into the learning and development of everyone. The fact that children are both respectful and respected is expressed in their confidence and willingness to share their own values and attitudes with the community.

Interesting fact: I have stayed in a rainforest in Sri Lanka where I couldn’t leave any food out in case monkeys stole it.

Year 3 Teachers

Keana Bukowska

Class Teacher

I was born and raised in London but moved to Manchester to become a teacher!

I love our school because of the way that children interact with their peers and the adults they work with. I always see such care and respect for everyone in the building!

Interesting fact about me: I lived and taught in Turkey for one year and can speak a little bit of Turkish!

Jessica Heaney

Class Teacher, Pupil Equity, PSHE Lead

I was born in Manchester but moved to Marbella in Southern Spain and lived there until I was 17.

I love our school due to the way we think and everyone's desire to ask questions whether it is the children or the staff. It shows how eager we all are to continuously develop and learn from each other.

Interesting fact: I am a qualified football coach and have coached children and adults in England, Spain and all around America!

Year 2 Teachers



Caroline Mellor

Class Teacher

Jonathan Way

Class Teacher, Key Stage 1 Phase Leader, English Leader

I'm originally from Portsmouth, which explains my southern accent (which makes teaching phonics fun!).

I love our school because - I'll never forget the first time I saw P4C here - I couldn't believe the sophisticated language that the children were using.

An interesting fact: I worked in the press stand at the Olympic Stadium during London 2012.

Year 1 Teachers



Miss Opacic

Class Teacher

Pamela Brownsell

Class Teacher, Art Leader

Born and raised in Manchester.

I love our amazing children and their families!

Interesting fact: I love playing netball and I play GS for my netball team.

Reception Teachers

Teresa Contel-Gonzalez

Class Teacher, RE Lead

I am originally from Barcelona and I have lived in Manchester for 21 years.

I love our school because of the community spirit amongst staff, pupils and families. It is a great place to be where children are enthusiastic and eager to learn new things!

An interesting fact: I am a big football fan and I once met David Beckham.

Jenny Lye

Class Teacher, Forest School Lead

I grew up on the Wirral, moved to Manchester for university ... and never left!

I love our school because I am inspired by our fabulous MPPS children every day.

Interesting fact: I once beat Jessica Ennis in a long jump competition!

  •    Gemma Frankland-Slater

    Class Teacher, EYFS Phase Leader

    Where I was born, grew up... I was born in Manchester and grew up mostly in Whalley Range.

    I love our school because of its community and how supportive it is and that all members are respected.

    An interesting fact: I volunteered at a school in Southern India as part of my gap year before going to University.

Nursery Teachers

Periklis Chatzikyriakidis

Class Teacher

I was born and grew up in Kavala, a town in mainland Greece. I moved to London in 2014 and in 2019 I moved up to Manchester.

I love our school because everyone is always positive and tries really hard to achieve their best potential, both pupils and staff. We have such a diverse community and a great range of people working at MPPS.

Interesting fact: I love watching films and going to the theatre. I recently taught myself how to embroider.

Administration Staff

Lauren Farren 

Rubina Baig

Jane Culverhouse

Abida Qasim

Learning Support Assistants

Jenny Allen-Brooks 

Rekha Soni 

Debi Skelton 

Heather Rennie

Oana Dragan

Rukhsana Akram 

SEN Learning Support Assistants

Santock Sherry 

Joan Hammond 

Em Hickman

Marcia Murphy 

Ewa Maciasz 

Melissa Cravagan

Julie Brenner

Fouzia Ali

Madeleine Heatley

Rumaanah Patel

Amrit Kaur

Premises Staff

Kate Elphick

Victoria Ashton

Kitchen Staff

Mike Lazarou

Michelle Ying Lam 

Meletetsiga Beraki

Carole Lazarou

Jennifer Johnson

Gurbhar Kaur Landa

Sathvier Kour

Lunchtime Organisers

Khalida Mahmood 

Spuran Kaur 

Sue Ellen John 

Rashda Mughal 

Nadira Arfeen 

Shahida Bhatti 

Evelyn Hart 

Safina Ahmed