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Themes & Lead Questions

We believe that our curriculum must prepare pupils for a life in modern Britain and subsequently become socially responsible local and global citizens.  We want to help our pupils to develop an awareness of themselves and the positive impact they can have.  This is made possible through our curriculum themes and emotional intelligence values. 

Our six themes have been adapted from ‘The 8 Key Concepts of the Global Dimension in Education’. These reflect our aspirations for our pupils to gain the knowledge, skills and understanding of concepts to become informed, active, responsible citizens.

The themes start in Nursery and progress through to year 6.  Each theme repeats annually, therefore having a spiral effect.  During each key phase of learning, the complexity of the theme progresses.  This is developed through key questions that drive learning in each year group.

Learning across the curriculum maintains subject integrity. Where possible, it is also rooted in the context of a theme, providing purposeful connections to support memorable learning.

By making these themes the foundations of all our learning we provide a curriculum that creates aspirational children who understand the world they live in and are equipped with the skills and knowledge to have a positive and meaningful impact on it.

Autumn 1 - Diversity

Developing a sense of awe at the variety of peoples and environments around the world.

  • All about us (EYFS)

  • Can I recognise the beauty of different people and places? (Y1&2)

  • Can I find out what draws groups of people to certain places? (Y3&4)

  • Can I appreciate different perspectives on global issues? (Y5&6)

Autumn 2 - Values Perceptions

Investigating and challenging values and assumptions.

  • Celebrations and festivals (EYFS)

  • Can I understand that people have different values (Y1&2)

  • Can I understand how our values affect the way we live? (Y3&4)

  • Can I understand the power of the media? (Y5&6)

Spring 1 - Social Justice

Appreciating the importance of informed choices and contributing to a more just world.

  • Friendship and fairness (EYFS)

  • Do I understand and value fairness?(Y1&2)

  • Do I recognise that actions have intended and unintended consequences? (Y3&4)

  • Am I motivated to assist equality? (Y5&6)   

Spring 2 - Sustainable Development

Recognising how to contribute to a better quality of life now and for future generations.

  • Caring for our environment (EYFS)

  • Do I understand the origins of the things I have? (Y1&2)

  • Do I appreciate the value that sustainable resource use has on our planet? (Y3&4)

  • Can one person make a difference? (Y5&6)

Summer 1 - Interdependence

Understanding how people, places and environments relate to each other.

  • People who help us (EYFS)

  • Who do I depend on and who depends on me? (Y1&2)

  • Do I understand how choices made in my country impact on the rest of the world? (Y3&4)

  • Do I understand what it means to be a global citizen? (Y5&6)

Summer 2 - Aspirations

Developing dreams and plans for the future.

  • Changes (EYFS)

  • Who should we admire? (Y1&2)

  • Who do I want to be and what do I want to achieve? (Y3&4)

  • How do I become the person I want to be? (Y5&6)