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At Manley Park we believe in growing together socially and academically as a community. We aim for our school uniform to enhance a sense of belonging and identity, whilst setting an appropriate tone for education.

By creating a common identity amongst all pupils, regardless of background, a school uniform can act as a social leveller. It can reduce bullying and peer pressure to wear the latest fashions or other expensive clothes.

We believe that wearing a smart and practical uniform aids all children to feel equal and confident in their appearance.

At Manley Park we ask all our children to wear:
  • A white shirt/blouse/t-shirt
  • Black or dark grey trousers/skirt/pinafore dress
  • Smart and sensible shoes
  • Grey Manley Park jumper; or a grey jumper/cardigan
  • PE Kit consisting of black shorts/trousers, white t shirt and pumps or trainers
  • Year 6 Prefects will be given a Manley Park Prefect jumper
  • Year 6 Play Leaders will be given a Manley Park Play Leader jumper

Manley Park school jumpers are available to purchase online. They come in various sizes (3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12).

If you have any queries please refer to our uniform policy below.

If you are having any difficulties getting the correct uniform for your child please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

PTA Pre-Loved Uniform: